Every Second Counts Latest News!!

Hello guys! we know you all are curious about the new album EVERY SECOND COUNTS. We would like to share you what we been doing the past few months.


                                                                                 We started working on the Album from December 2016. By the beginning of January 2017, our Writers had completed all 8 song lyrics and we started working on tracks from the begining of the month. By the end of January, we tuned and shaped all 8 songs.

                                        As of February 2017, our EDM producer Ricardo made a good progress on the track Electric Lights, which had been accompanied by Jordan’s vocals. Later that week, we started working on the track for Broken rules and doing a final furnishment on the track and waiting for Joy’s vocals on upcoming days. Meanwhile Josh and Jordan were working on the track Cloud Memories and our singers recorded their vocals and we are doing a last minute gloss.

                                      By the beginning of April 2017, Our pianist Terezija and Music producer Jerry were on the last stage of the track for Ocean Waves, which the vocals are to be recorded shortly. During these months Josh was working on a Theme song for the band which he wrote. And it’s almost complete. And we expect to release these songs we been working on the soon we complete them.

For all our supporters, fans, and everyone who believes in us, Thank you so much for your patience and being with us for these past months. we are looking forward to sharing this album and many more with you!

Photo credit : Rachel Smith