New Single ‘Cloud Memories’ Out Now!!

Midnight Riptide Cloud Memories
     A mixture of acoustic guitars,rock riffs, pop lyrics and country melodies. This newly released single ‘Cloud Memories’ shares a nostalgic romantic past and the sweetness of memories.
Ever since the Global formation of our we have been working on our first Album “Every Second Counts”. But we couldn’t let our listeners wait any longer. So we present ‘Cloud Memories’ as a single with “Electric Lights” and “Broken Rules” planning to be released as Singles! We’ll release the rest of the tracks as an EP called “Every Second Counts”!
Our First Single Cloud Memories is said to be Sharp, precise, intense and rhythmic composition with a tender expression, Cloud Memories is more than just a simple song, it holds complex ideas in simple lines. The dreams, memories, happiness, sadness, hopes and love of the writer towards his lost love combining with the balance of tone and phrasing gives a unique and vibrant emotion.

The song speaks for itself; sparkling inspiration from the past than drowning in memories. The rich and resonant chord progression dominate the scene as the main theme is somewhat developed. The complexity of ideas are accompanied by the melody, making it enjoyable for the listener. The idea of merging different aspects of relationship throughout the song represents the band, whose members are rooted all across the world like the roots of a plant , gathering resources and combining them into a beautiful flower that spreads the colours of music.
If you haven’t listened ‘Cloud Memories’ yet, you can download and stream it here:

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